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Tall Oil Rosin

Tall oil rosin is a product of crude tall oil vacuum distillation. Tall oil rosin appears as a mixture of resin acids: abietic, dihydroabietic, palustric, neoabietic, isopimaric, and others. Aside from resin acids the tall oil rosin contains up to 6% of unsaponifiable matters.  Tall oil rosin delivered by Torgovyi Dom Lesokhimik possesses a softening point from 60 up to 67oC depending on application.

Torgoviy Dom Lesokhimik delivers tall oil rosin in compliance with GOST 14201-83.

Tall oil rosin is applied as a supplement at alkyd resins producing for additional hardness and  shine of paint-and-lacquer coating. The bulk of rosin is subjected to disproportionation and used in emulgators for producing of synthetic rubber. Tall oil rosin also is applied for obtaining glycerol and pentaerythrit esters mostly, as well as at soldering process in electronics, at cable varnish and paper sizing, at general rubber goods making, and in other fields of industry.