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Distilled Tall Oil, TU 13-00281074-26-95

Distilled tall oil is a product of crude tall oil vacuum distillation. Distilled tall oil consists of fatty acid fraction, which is represented by linolic, linolenic, oleic and other acids, as well as of resin acids fraction - abietic, dihydroabietic, palustric, neoabietic, isopimaric and others.

Mass part of resin acids in the product delivered by Torgovyi Dom Lesokhimik amounts from 6 up to 30% depending on the product's application field. The content of distilled tall oil also includes unsaponifiable matters in mass concentration up to 6%. Distilled tall oil delivered by Torgovyi Dom Lesokhimik is obtained by mixing crude fatty acid taken after the first rectification column (where occurs the separation of resin acids fraction) with distilled tall oil obtained after separation of tall oil fatty acid in the last column.

Thus, the distilled tall oil delivered by Torgovyi Dom Lesokhimik sometimes has a special feature - deviation from the factor "appearance" in TU 13-00281074-26-95. According to this factor the distilled tall oil should become transparent at heating up to 80oC. But in some cases it requires the heating up to 100oC and higher for the complete residue dissolution. This is explained by specific content of fatty and resin acids existing in the solid phase. All the other product's characteristics comply with quality parameters. Experience in application of distilled tall oil delivered by "Torgovyi Dom Lesokhimik" in paint-and-varnish industry tells about complete residue dissipation in the synthesis of alkyds.

Thus, the above mentioned "deviation" in distilled tall oil made by Torgovyi Dom Lesokhimik does not affect the alkyd resins quality in case of using the product for its obtaining. The quality of alkyd resins made on distilled tall oil and delivered by Torgovyi Dom Lesokhimik satisfies all the quality requirements.