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Crude Tall Oil

Torgoviy Dom Lesokhimik is a major supplier of crude tall oil. This product is obtained under decomposition of crude sulphate soap that is a by-product of the sulphate cooking. Depending of wood type (softwood, hardwood or mixed) used for sulphate cooking the crude tall oil is obtained with various quality characteristics.

The company delivers crude tall oil in compliance with TU 13-0281078-119-89 and ŇU 2453-022-00253497-2005.

The bulk of crude tall oil delivered by Torgoviy Dom Lesokhimik is subjected to vacuum distillation by way of getting distilled tall oil, tall oil fatty acids, tall oil rosin and tall oil pitch.

Crude tall oil also is applied in producing metal-working fluids for metal-rolling and metal-working operations, producing drill fluids, separating fluids for concrete products industry, as well as for obtaining corrosion inhibitors as a component of environmentally-friendly fuel, and in mining industry for flotation.