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Crude sulphate turpentine

Crude sulphate turpentine is a by-product of cellulose making by sulphate process, and after cleaning it from sulfur-containing compounds it is applied in various fields of paint-and-varnish and chemical industry. Torgoviy Dom Lesokhimik delivers crude sulphate turpentine from different pulp and paper mills in compliance with TU 13-0281078-55-89.

Crude sulphate turpentine is applied as a solvent, and also for obtaining alpha and beta- pinenes, polymerized products - solid and liquid polyterpene resins, as well as monoterpenic alcohols, isoborneol, camphene and paracymene, that are applied as solvents, materials for adhesives making, flotators, biologically active substances, polymerization activators and for manufacturing of perfume additives.